Documentary journalism. Video documentary projects—hospice life-stories; "Wisdom of Age Project," documenting stories of elders (www.wisdomofageproject.org). Documentary film web site: (www.risingpress.org).


Fimmaking. "Your Love Never Fails" (21 min.), released 2013 by Terra Nova Films. Intimate portrait of an adult daughter's caregiving for her mother.


Editing (DoubleTake / Points of Entry, Johns Hopkins University Press), a national documentary and fine arts magazine/journal: 2006 and 2007, co-editor, layout designer). Project director for a U.S. Department of Education two-year grant ($100,000) underwriting the combined journal and magazine.


Narrative journalism. News Reporting & Writing; Feature Writing. and narrative journalism editor and coach.


Literature & Journalism Professor‚—1990-2017. British & American Literature; dissertation on John Milton's 1667 epic poem, Paradise Lost. Jungian psychological approaches to literature. Additionally, taught journalism. A former U.S. Air Force photographer and news photographer (and reporter), Syracuse Newspapers.


Book Masculinity in American literature: A New Path at Midlife: Transformative Relationship and Story for Men (Men's Studies Press, 2006). A Jungian approach to understanding the meaning of stories and films that are important on a personal level.


Recent Work


• "Skilled Listening and Writing for Story: From Reminiscence to Story-Work," Educational Gerontology (42: 6), Jan. 2016.


"Centering the Student Psyche: Facilitating Psychotherapeutic Readings of Literary Texts," Radical Pedagogy (12:2), July 2015.


•"Your Love Never Fails," documentary film on caregiving for elders. Director: Terry Lee, Rising Press Films. Distributed by Terra Nova Films, Chicago: June 2013.


• "Elder Documentaries: Student Initiative Means Community Connection at a Visceral & Emotional Level." Community Works Journal, Fall 2012.


•"Getting to Know You: Using Documentary Video making to Challenge Ageist Stereotypes." Gerontology & Geriatrics Education 33: 272-286. Fall 2012.


•"Intrepid Exploring: Looking Past Fears of Short-term Memory Loss in Aging to Deploy the Brain's Long-term Memories and—Wisdom." Journal of Aging, Humanities, and the Arts 4:1-12, 2010.